Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Candidates Gotta Look Good Too

John Edwards is the champion of the working-class citizen. His campaign has spent millions of dollars trying to get that very message across to voters. He sports blue button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up as he talks to crowds of people about the strong need to alleviate poverty in our country. But, with the cameras constantly rolling and lights flashing, you have got to look your best...so what's a candidate to do? Get a haircut! But, not just any haircut, a special haircut by a Hollywood hairstylist who you have flown in to personally "lower your ears." I wonder what a haircut like that would cost a man? Well, according to CNN, Edwards thinks $1,250 is a fair price, as that was the amount he shelled out in 2004 when he was running for vice president. So, I don't know why the media is now making such a big deal about a measly half of a grand - the amount he paid for his latest haircut for this election. I mean, who cares about a few hundred here and there when you can just chalk it up to campaign expenses. One would think, that a candidate would be a little more conscience of how they spend their money when they are trying to win the vote of middle-class families. Those people driving their children to soccer practice and school every day, working two jobs to pay the bills, worrying about having enough money to retire and put their children through college, are not spending $500 on a haircut and are not going to identify with a candidate who indulges in such expensive pampering as Edwards has.

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