Sunday, November 4, 2007

Presidential Candidates Reach Out To...Aliens?

Out of all the questions pointed to democratic presidential candidates in the MSNBC debate last week, one really stuck out. Tim Russert from Meet The Press asked presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich if he saw a UFO. Apparently, the godmother of Kucinich's daughter wrote a book and in that book talks about an instance when Kucinich claimed he saw a UFO in the sky. During the debate, Kucinich confirms that he did indeed see a UFO, or a "triangular craft, silent and hovering." When laughter broke out, he got a little defensive and tried to sidestep it by flashing his his funny side, at least I think he was trying to be funny, when he said that more people in the country claim to have seen a UFO then support Bush's presidency. Although, if Kucinich did win the nomination and go on to win the presidency, he wouldn't be the first United States president to have had a UFO sighting. Former President Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer from Georgia, claims to have had his own UFO sighting. How aliens came into play during a serious debate is beyond me, but I really liked Obama's response to the question when he was then asked if he believed there was life beyond the Earth. Obama said he had no idea, but he did know there was life on THIS planet and it needs tending too. Way to bring it home, Obama. Click on the YouTube clip below to watch the Kucinich's UFO answer.

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