Friday, November 30, 2007

Citizen Journalism

Professor Kennedy at Northeastern University has a very interesting blog about CNN's second ever YouTube debates. First, I must say, the "debates" between candidates, Republican and Democrat alike are very flawed. There are obvious changes that need to be made. The way they are currently conducted does not offer any free flowing of ideas through true debating and disagreements. The theory behind a debate is to allow ideas to battle it out with the hope that the "truth" or the "best" answer will come out in the end. I think now, they are more of just a question and answer period then a true debate.
Having said this, I would have to give some props to CNN for trying to come up with a way to get voters involved and to change the format of these debates. Basically, the idea that CNN had was for average Americans to be able to submit their questions via video onto YouTube and CNN would then sift through them and chooses the ones that will be asked. However, CNN has gotten into some trouble with the second every YouTube debate that happened this week for the Republicans. The news channel has been criticized for leaning more to the left, and now is accused of "planting" questions with more liberal leanings or agendas. You should really check out Professor Kennedy's blog on this topic. He has a link to one question in particular that was asked by a former general in the military who is openly gay, and it just so happens also openly supports Hilary Clinton's campaign. Professor Kennedy also offers some suggestions to fix the current problem with the system that I think are quite interesting and worth checking out.

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