Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Planting A Seed, Hilary?

Hilary Clinton is the front-runner of the Democrats so far in this election. She has topped many of the polls, has plenty of padding in her bank account and seems to be doing well in critical states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. But, there is some talk that Clinton may be loosing some of her ground. Because of some recent political gaffs such as the time she was caught double talking about licenses for illegal immigrants in the October 30th debates and just the other day when she was in Iowa giving a talk to a group of students and was accused of "planting" a question in the audience so that she could talk about her energy plan. MSNBC's "First Read" blog discusses this issue in the link above. As I was reading the blog, it made me wonder how many candidates and their aids do this and how big of a deal is it really? Certainly, Clinton didn't have any malicious intentions; her aids obviously wanted to make certain she had an opportunity to discuss certain issues. So, if this alleged "planting" did happen, how dishonest is this really and how many other candidates do it who just haven't gotten caught yet?

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