Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Romney's Religion

The ideology in our country is clearly that religion should not play a part in government and in fact, the Framers of the United States Constitution believed in the separation of church and state. For this reason, some feel that a politician's religion should not be a part of the office he or she holds and in the business they conduct there. This is why some don't feel it is right to ask a candidate questions about their religion. However I would argue, especially when choosing a candidate running for the highest office in the country, ALL aspects of that particular individual should be fair game as they all play a part in the character of the person their ideologies which ultimately play a major role in how they make decisions.
When John F. Kennedy was running for president a lot of people made a big deal about JFK being a Catholic. Up until his election to office, there had never been a Catholic president. In the current election, many have drawn parallels between JFK and his Catholicism to Mitt Romney and his religion. Romney is a Mormon and some say this may pose a challenge for him. After what happened in Utah with a Mormon man being arrested for practicing Polygamy and the popular HBO series Big Love about a Polygamist Mormon family, many Americans are unsure of what to make of the religion and many political analysts say if Romney doesn't come out and make a speech clearing the air of some of the stereotypes associated with the religion, Romney might loose a lot of headway in the campaign for president. Click here to read an interesting article related to this issue.

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